Welcome to the father and son world of Zeal Extracts Limited – Zealex.

Neil and Ollie Butler are both enthusiastic members of the  bee industry in New Zealand.

They live in the wonderful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, well known for its Manuka, native flora, kiwifruit, fruit orchards and a host of other horticulture products.


Ollie is an expert beekeeper who is passionate about his bees, their hives and their needs to ensure their health and wellbeing and their capability of producing the highest of quality in queen bees, propolis, venom and of course a range of natural native honeys.  Ollie owns his own hives but also works with an extended family of avid beekeepers to ensure he can supply the very specific type of honey his clients demand.


Neil has been involved with food processing and exporting of New Zealand fine food products for over 30 years and has joined with Ollie to form Zealex Ltd – “Zealex”.

The family own a substantial food processing site with a wide range of food processing technologies, export licenses and accreditations.


Zealex is a specialist in the honey industry.  From honey extraction and refinement, blending and packing they have developed a range of processes to extract and formulate the very best quality products from the bee hive.

They source honey from a substantial part of the North Island of New Zealand and utilise it in a wide range of many products and formats for their key clients.

They are involved in all aspects of the healthy bee hive:

  • Honey production
  • Queen bee production
  • Propolis
  • and Venom


TRUE KIWI is their brand for honey products.

This is a popular range due to its tamperproof packaging, traceability and of course its FABULOUS NATURAL FLAVOURS.

The Butler family created TRUE KIWI because they wanted to assure their customers that the honey and other premium products supplied by Zeal Extracts Limited were guaranteed TRUE TO ORIGIN.

For that reason, they have on every container, a bar code which leads you to their website and the various licenses and endorsements they hold as assurances of their capability.


Neil and Ollie have recognised that their clients are looking to the future, particularly with the use of Manuka Honey in convenient, portion controlled packs such as sachets.  These products may include key clients needs in natural herbs and spices such as ginger, ginseng, turmeric and chilli.  Whatever the ingredient, Zealex can design and manufacture the right product for every customer.


Neil and Ollie are proud to be a father and son team who can share their world of experience and knowledge with their customers.




  • Ollie in bee keeping gear unloading hives at the factory with Neil inspecting a frame.
  • Neil and Ollie in factory taking sample of honey off frame
  • Neil and factory staff in processing room
  • Laboratory technician doing moisture test.
  • True Kiwi 15 kg pail and 10 kg pail.


Our Team

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